James' Passion is story telling without words.For him the dancefloor is a place to release all your cares and worries, and music is the drug that will truly set you free. The experience is best shared together and these are the moments that James lives for. He has been inexorably drawn to this since he was a teenager.

You could catch him playing at a wide range of venues, anywhere from lounges to after-hours. His taste in music covers great sonic distances from hypnotic deep house, dubby techno, to more up beat house and tech with splashes of glitchy electronica and even some progressive. His goal is to master the art of storytelling and he wants to take you along the incredible emotional journey with him.

Originally from the West coast of Canada, James found himself in Saskatoon where he became heavily involved in the local electronic music scene. He performed at all of the city's premier club nights including Dr.J's Souled Out, We Are Not Pop, Skylab and 612, as well as a residency at Avacado's lounge. In 2012 he also played on the mainstage at the Connect music festival. Though this involvement with the scene kept him very busy, he knew he wanted more. 2013 now sees James studying electronic music production and performance at Dubspot in Manhattan.

email: jamezpassion@gmail.com